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Please browse the FaceyConnect topics below to get quick answers to our patient's
most common concerns.  Clicking on any question will display its answer.

  • How long after my Dr's visit will I be able to see my labs in my Patient Portal?

    Patient labs will be available in the patient portal immediately after the Provider has reviewed your labs.

  • My laboratory test ordered by a Non-Facey Doctor are not appearing on my Patient Portal, it has been more than 4 days why are they not there?

    Laboratory tests ordered by external providers (Non-Facey) will not populate in the portal; we ask that you contact the ordering external provider for your test results. If your labs were ordered by a Facey Doctor and they do not appear after 4 business days, please let us know by contacting us at

    Please be advised that certain labs will not cross over to your portal, regardless of the ordering provider. Based on California Health and Safety Code Section 123148 it is the policy of Facey Medical Foundation that the following results be blocked from appearing in the Patient Portal, for example:

    • Sensitive blood results i.e. (HIV antibody test, HTVL antibody)
    • Hepatitis infection A, B, C, D, E
    • All toxicology testing i.e. (Opiates).
    • Test Results related to routinely processed tissues, including skin biopsies
    • Pap smear test
    • Products of conception
    • Bone Marrow aspirations for morphological evaluation
    • Chromosome analysis and genetic testing.

    Please note: Laboratory results will cross over to the portal immediately after being verified by the ordering provider.

  • Why can't I see come X-ray, Ultrasound and other "radiology" reports on the Patient Portal?

    Radiology reports can be seen on the patient portal with the exceptions of Obstetrics ultrasounds and Mammograms. If a patient would like a copy of one of these two results they can contact release of information: (818) 837-5668. Please Note: Patients will not be able to view the report, not the actual film(s).